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Each year, CES highlights the newest products and concepts in consumer tech. Brands from around the world descend on Las Vegas to show off their latest and greatest innovations, ranging from automotive and smart home to manufacturing and health and fitness. During CES 2020, Airfoil was on the show floor representing our clients, and in our Royal Oak, Michigan office monitoring the latest news and announcements. 

Airfoil's Media Relations Specialist, Jessie LeTarte, and Account Supervisor, Brittni Borrero,  collaborated on this post to bring our readers the four biggest trends from CES 2020 that will shape the media this year and beyond.

Everyday artificial intelligence

AI is growing and integrating seamlessly (and sometimes not so seamlessly) into our lives. For instance, Samsung’s artificial intelligence, Neon, offers a surreal look at how we’ll one day interact with machines.

However, one of the biggest takeaways from CES 2020 was the number of manufacturers integrating AI into their businesses. Manufacturers like LG Electronics and Bobcat showcased how they’re incorporating AI into their upcoming products.

Consumer data privacy

On the heels of Facebook’s data scandals, conversations at this year’s CES made it clear that consumer data collection and privacy will continue to be major messages in 2020. According to CNN, “Big Tech” is putting “a special emphasis on user privacy, following years of mounting scrutiny from regulators and consumers over the industry's handling of personal data.”

Tech to help you untether from your devices

The modern smartphone is an amazing device, but the products unveiled at CES 2020 were all about increasing connectivity to allow you to leave your phone behind. Automaker Rivian announced that its vehicles will integrate fully with Amazon Alexa, giving the voice assistant more control over the driving experience. And Kohler unveiled a series of smart bathroom hardware items, like a Moxie showerhead that doubles as a smart speaker with built-in voice assistant.

Work smarter, not harder

Brands are looking for ways to create a truly smart user experience by reducing the need for human interaction with everyday tech. Google's vision of "ambient computing" means its devices are always on and always connected. Users can now "Hey Google" movie options, as well as the microwave to make popcorn for a more seamless experience.

Google also shared that 500 million people use Assistant every month. Along with new voice controls to address privacy concerns, Google is doubling down on this tech as the new norm.

Toyota proposed its Woven City, a fully connected ecosystem, powered by hydrogen fuel cells to advance key mobility themes through full-time residents and researchers, creating a complete living laboratory.

These global trends are going to dominate media conversations throughout the year. If you want to position your company as a trend-setter with a bold, new take on tech, the right media relations strategy will set you apart.

Airfoil Group has proven success in capitalizing on the key themes and trends relevant to your goals and overall business. Connect with us today to start optimizing your media relations strategy.