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You’ve probably noticed that things look a bit different around here. It may seem like an overnight transformation, but it’s been 20 years in the making.

Airfoil was born a PR and marketing firm in the year 2000, forged in the fires of press releases and cold calls. For most of our existence, our elevator-pitch description of ourselves has revolved around the words “tech PR agency.” 

That descriptor is still somewhat accurate, but it no longer tells the whole story. Sure, most of our clients are tech companies, and traditional PR and marketing are still at the heart of everything we do. 

But like any company that has been around for the past 20 years, the fundamentals of our work have grown, evolved, and morphed at warp speed. We’ve expanded our service offerings, embraced new technologies, and adopted new specialty areas. Our evolution has reshaped our identity -- and our new brand elements reflect that evolution. 

In today’s world, we’re much more than a “tech PR agency.” We are an engine for business growth. Traditional PR and marketing remain at the core of our work for every client, but we’ve super-charged our impact -- and our clients’ ROI -- with a holistic suite of services that continues to grow and gain momentum. 

In our day-to-day work, you’ll find us building your new website from scratch. You’ll see us producing your new podcast. You’ll see us driving your sales growth by 100% through coordinated social and lead-gen campaigns. You’ll find us creating your new logo, designing a massive billboard, writing your next keynote speech, or scripting and shooting your video series. 

In just the past few years, we’ve launched and achieved momentum with Airfoil Digital, embraced project-based work, and become an integrated center of creativity for our clients. Ultimately, we’ve become much more than a rote solution for businesses exploring marketing needs. We’ve focused on being a unique, creative, and versatile upgrade over agencies you may have worked with before.

We’ve got a lot of heart, but we take a no-nonsense approach and lead with our heads. Our team understands your vision and makes steady progress toward reaching your goals. We help your brand take flight.

Our new branding and logo reflect this concept. We have always been Airfoil, and in the literal sense, an airfoil is the part of the plane that provides lift. With our new logo and visual brand elements, we’ve incorporated fluid, airy, organic, and crisp design language as opposed to rigid forms, solid blocks of color, and literal shapes. It’s a fitting nod to our namesake, our legacy, and our mission: We create continuous business momentum, propelling your brand forward and lifting your opportunities to new heights.

Airfoil Banner

We hope you love our new look and feel as much as we do. We’ve taken a lot of time and effort to ensure that this wasn’t a “rebrand for rebrand’s sake” or a “refresh the logo” exercise that many companies do every few years or so. 

For all of us at Airfoil, our new brand identity goes much deeper than that. The nature of our work has continued to evolve organically and rapidly for the past two decades, and our new brand identity reflects that concept of evolution in motion. It captures what Airfoil has been in recent years, what it is today, and what it will be tomorrow as we continue to grow, evolve, and explore new opportunities for every one of our clients.  

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