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These three values prove to consumers that you care about their privacy

Consumers expect truth, transparency, and choice. Companies have a responsibility to protect consumer data and be truthful in the measures they are taking to do so, but their efforts shouldn’t stop there.

Organizations also have a responsibility to provide visibility into how consumer data is being used, promote timely and thorough communication around the misuse of their data, and give consumers a clear choice as to whether their data can be used in the first place.

Companies that are grappling with putting processes and systems in place to maintain GDPR compliance, for example, must recognize that data protection is simply table stakes in the mind of consumers. According to a recent RSA Data Privacy & Security Report, 62% of respondents said they would blame the company that lost their data before blaming hackers. As consumers become better informed, they expect more transparency and responsiveness from the stewards of their data.

Two hands in a fist bump -- Solving the Techlash

To safeguard their reputations, companies need to exceed the limits of regulations and align to the social conscience and expectations of consumers. Companies that embrace this reality and embrace being part of the greater good will benefit from a more loyal and engaged customer base.

Consumer trust and loyalty may take months or even years to earn, but it is easily erased in the blink of an eye. Truth, transparency and choice may afford you the benefit of the doubt in the face of adversity.

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