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Where are we? 

In the technology landscape, that question is harder to answer than it has been for years. We’re somewhere between the mobile era and the fully autonomous electric car era -- an awkward tweener phase in which emerging technology starts to mature and gain momentum. For more details download our 2019 Tech Trends Report. 

Of course, that represents a stark contrast to the tech era that just ended. Over the past decade, we’ve seen the revolutionary mainstream adoption of smartphones, apps, web services, social media, streaming platforms and voice assistants. We all use many of these things every day, to the extent that we now have remote controls for the real world in our pockets: Tap, swipe or speak to order a pizza, summon a limo, post a haiku, find a date, listen to the Bee Gees’ entire catalog, you name it.

That’s a hard era to follow. Compared to the groundbreaking technology of recent years, the trends that will define the coming years may seem more subtle, less tangible and increasingly abstract. But don’t be fooled: The tech trends on the horizon will have a transformative impact on several industries.

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For example, artificial intelligence and machine learning will redefine how businesses make critical decisions. The maturation, customization and increased adoption of Industrial IoT technologies will rewire how things are made and how machine operators can make money. Consumers aren’t just interested in cool smartphone designs and voice-assistant convenience anymore; they’re becoming more concerned with what those devices do with your data and how secure they are.

Not all tech trends will be this subtle. We’re many years away from riding fully autonomous cars around everywhere, but the coming years will be a golden age for automotive evolution. Fuel economy will increase dramatically in combustion-engine vehicles, electric vehicles will continue to make mainstream strides and new startups will redefine the mobility landscape. Vehicle designs will become experimental as manufacturers prepare for the driverless, electric and increasingly connected future.

Excited yet? Well, here’s some good news: You can read about many of these developments in depth in Airfoil’s 2019 Tech Trends Report.

Our goal with this extensive report is to share insights on the emerging and maturing technologies that will transform businesses and markets in the years to come. The 2019 Tech Trends Report is about much more than trends, too: We’ve provided key insights that can optimize your marketing strategies and help your business stand out in this new era for technology.

2019 Tech Trends Report


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