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For the tenth time in as many years, Airfoil Group is at CES, assisting clients as their products take center stage. This year, we’re onsite showing off awesome innovations from Airfoil client partners like HiMirror, XYZprinting and Airthings. I’m sharing highlights on Twitter (@GunnSh0w & @airfoilgroup) and I’m definitely geeking out a bit. Allow me to share top trends and favorite gadgets I’ve spotted so far.

Smart Everything: The smart home isn’t going away. Connected and autonomous cars are becoming more of a CES centerpiece and you can’t throw a wearable without hitting an exhibitor showcasing an intuitive robot. I cannot stress this enough – there are robots everywhere. If they become self-aware, Las Vegas will be the first city to fall.

Connected Home: A growing number of appliances will be part of the IOT revolution, but not necessarily just to benefit consumers. LG, for instance, announced this week that all premium appliances will now include WIFI – partially so those devices can communicate with the manufacturer. As we know from last fall’s massive Internet outage, connected devices present a looming security issue, but this week brought us new routers promising to link connected households. Meanwhile, Comcast showcased a new gateway that will help users manage their connected home and Sevenhugs demonstrated a smart-remote that can connect with more than 25,000 smart products and electronics with open API.

Home Security – Perhaps more than most product marketplaces at CES, home security devices on display seemed incredibly practical and useful for homeowners. Ring – the video doorbell company launched a motion activated home camera with object and facial recognition.

Fitness Intelligence: The past five years brought fitness trackers for the everyman, but CES 2017 has fitness devices for the niche enthusiast. Today, I spotted a smart bike helmet, smart road bike, sport-specific wearables for tennis and baseball and a workout puck that got my muscles pumping in about five seconds. (Seriously, I tried it and it was fun and weird and I want it.) But the one product most CES attendees would buy right now if given the chance – Digitsoles’ smart insole with adjustable cushioning. After walking what feels like a thousand miles today, I’m looking to invest.

Homebrewing: Virtual reality, artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies dot every corner of the exhibit halls. Homebrewing devices have yet to hit that level, but considering the craft brewing boom, that could change. Conference attendees sampled homebrewed ales and lagers from PicoBrew – a bread maker-sized device that creates custom brews in seven days. PicoBrew connects with a database of recipes from partner breweries to guide newbies on their beer making journey. Whirlpool also had a larger homebrewing device on tap in their smart home display, which included a food recycler that creates compost, an all-in-one washer and dryer, and a line of black stainless steel appliances.

Sleep Trackers and Connected Sleeping Devices: Apparently, we all have trouble sleeping. Here’s an exhaustive list of the new sleep-themed products that are currently on display. 

Of course, with all the walking, Tweeting, blogging and posting about CES, sleep likely won’t be an issue for the tech industry this week.