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Brands need to be conscious of their perception in the real world and online

The story of modern technology has largely been written by companies that challenge the status quo. Bold ideas have thrived due to an enduring spirit of innovation and experimentation, and those ideals come with a certain sense of social responsibility in the public eye.

Tech companies rely on the good will of society – the benefit of the doubt – to establish trust and endorsement around anything associated with innovation.  However, as data, security, and even safety has been jeopardized, public patience has worn thin. The benefit of the doubt may no longer be in play.

We have seen these shifts in sentiments online. In the connected world, the greatest indicators of engagement between communities and tech companies are social, commerce, and content channels. These sea changes in public perception are visible in unique ways.

Two hands in a fist bump -- Solving the Techlash


When left to the masses, social content tends to lean toward the negative sentiment.

The loudest voices may be negative, and strong voices tend to influence corporate digital conversations more heavily than desired. B2B companies often find social engagement sporadic and often “pay to play” in online conversations. B2C companies, on the other hand, rarely struggle with engagement. Passionate users seemingly come out of the woodwork, driven by emotion in the moment. The fluidity and unpredictability of social media can be a serious challenge for consumer-oriented companies.

Commercial channels are seeing a coagulation of sorts.

Amazon has dominated shopping – not just online, but in the outside world as well. The exponential growth of Amazon as a retail giant has coincided with – and most likely caused – the downfall of traditional retail stores and small businesses. The sheer scale of Amazon’s impact may drive new trends along with a lack of trust. Eventually, we may see boutique retailers such as Etsy and JoyBird merge under more trusted monikers. 

Content such as video and blogs is becoming oversaturated and hard to discern.

Call it the BuzzFeed Effect: Everyone wants to go viral, and everyone wants to produce “snackable” content with mass appeal. Targeting, retargeting, and focused campaigns will help technology companies have more direct conversations in the coming years. To build greater trust, content will need to evolve as platforms such as augmented reality, virtual reality, in-car technology, and voice assistants continue to mature and evolve. Constant evolution will keep the user base engaged and willing to innovate alongside you.

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