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Marketing-2Knowing your audience is the name of the game in 2017 and beyond as marketers come to rely on data-driven insights more than ever before. Airfoil’s research and strategic planning manager emphasizes, “While experience is a key factor that makes a communicator a champion, skipping research in the first place is risky as you are more likely to overlook the bigger picture and miss what is the most important your business and your target audience. This will result in incorrect problem definition and difficulty demonstrating the direct impact of the marketing plan.”

Gathering data through research will reveal key insights to support strategy and ultimately justify your marketing budget.

Prediction Snapshot:

The 2020 Marketer will be part storyteller, part data scientist – experimenting with key messages, content formats and  quickly pivoting based on real-time insights. It’s this content that will drive the news cycles that resonate. The difference  between data-driven marketing and intrusive marketing also will become more acute. While the former is relationship-building at its best, the latter is simply old school push marketing, wrapped in a shiny new wrapper. The 2020 Marketer who focuses on relationship building will be welcomed with open arms, while intrusive marketers will be left out in the cold.

Recommendation for the 2020 Marketer: 2020 Marketers must bolster their strategic significance with C-suite peers and be ready to meet marketing skeptics with hard numbers showing ROI.

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