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Millennials are already making their mark on the workforce. From flexible schedules to unlimited vacation time, this group, now numbering 75.4 million, isn’t shy about wanting to change the workplace Baby Boomers helped to sculpt. We can expect to see continued changes at all levels of every organization as a direct result of Millennial impact. We also can expect these changes to be swift and disruptive.

Below we take a quick look at potential changes that future marketers and their leaders will encounter as we look towards 2020 – a time when older Millennials will rise to executive positions and younger Millennials will come into the workforce with an entirely new set of expectations and skills. 

Prediction Snapshots:

Marketing will require new skill sets as it aims to evolve with other communication disciplines, like journalism. It has already changed significantly in the last 10 years; looking ahead to 2020 and beyond will be no different. Millennials will have a renewed appreciation for hard hitting investigative journalism and deeper, more thoughtful messages – shaping the marketing communications approach.

Higher education will become divided into first-tier national universities and well-funded public universities. Options for alternative higher education at the lower end of the market proliferate in the form of two-year degrees, specialization and certifications as students seek to reduce the time spent away from the marketplace and wrap their education plans into their work timetable.

Recommendation for the 2020 Marketer: Messages intended to reach Millennials will need to take on new forms, taking into consideration the generation’s preferences, educational backgrounds and intricacies to guide them toward the purchase path.

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