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LinkedIn has become an essential personal branding tool showcasing your online resume and providing easy access to your professional network. Additionally, it is imperative for companies to establish and maintain an active presence to attract leads. Currently, more than 3 million companies from all around the world have official LinkedIn Pages making it an ideal place to discover and cultivate leads from both your personal and company profile pages.

In this two-part series, we will offer three tips on how to leverage your personal and company LinkedIn profiles to drive leads.  Check out part two of this series: Three tips on how to leverage your company LinkedIn profile to drive leads!LI Pic

In the client services industry, it’s imperative to continuously search for new business leads. Your company is taking measures to attract new leads, but you can as well. Perfecting your LinkedIn presence and strategy can help you form a personal connection with leads and help your business close a sale.

1. Optimize your LinkedIn bio for SEO 

Your LinkedIn profile provides a holistic picture of your personal brand – experiences, interests, awards, and philanthropic endeavors – to your professional network. One of the most important parts of your profile is your bio summary because it is typically one of the top results on a Google search of your name. Optimizing your bio for search engine optimization based on your current job description and industry will give business prospects a lasting first impression. For example, if you specialize in social media for the automotive industry, be sure to include the following keywords in your bio:

  • Automotive industry
  • Social media strategy
  • Product launch
  • Paid social media campaigns
  • Auto show
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Social media analytics

Remember, LinkedIn is not only an excellent way for discovering prospects but being found by them, too.

2. ABP – Always Be Posting

Engage Leads

You worked hard to find the right connection. Then, you crafted a great note to accompany your invitation so don’t let your connections fall off a cliff. LinkedIn’s algorithm prioritizes putting new connections into your newsfeed. Take some time to add your own insights when linking to an article and try to start a conversation when commenting on posts to keep the fire burning! Here are some best practices on sharing content to further engage your audience.

Educate Leads

Posts on LinkedIn are cool but you know what is cooler? Publishing articles on LinkedIn.  

Articles provide deeper insights and conversation allowing you to engage with prospective clients on another level. When publishing an article, ask for feedback or include a call-to-action. Utilizing LinkedIn to educate leads will provide more value and ultimately form stronger relationships with prospective clients.

3. Upgrade to LinkedIn Premium 

Improve your credibility and better cultivate leads by upgrading to LinkedIn Premium. The feature allows you and your brand to gain greater insights on your network and the levels of connections with prospects. Think about it like having a heated seat, when you need the extra functionality, you’re glad it’s there. Premium benefits include:

  • A marked increase in the number of viewers of your profile
  • InMail messages – Messages that can be sent to any LinkedIn user, no connection necessary
  • Use these LinkedIn InMail tips to get the highest response rate
  • Allows you the ability to connect with everyone on LinkedIn which is important as many users at the executive level usually maintain privacy settings that restrict users from connecting with them
  • Offers additional details on the people who view your profile

Bottom line: LinkedIn Premium is a great way to make your current network work for you, while having your future network discover you.

BONUS TIP: Update your profile, with these three tips!

Check out part two of this series: Three tips on how to leverage your company LinkedIn profile to drive leads!

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