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Three million companies from all around the world have official LinkedIn Pages — making it an ideal place to discover and cultivate leads from both your personal and company profile pages.

In part two of our LinkedIn lead gen series (see part one here), we offer three tips on how to leverage your personal and company LinkedIn profiles to drive leads.    

In the client services industry, it’s imperative to regularly search for new business leads. Perfecting your company’s LinkedIn presence and strategy can help you attract the right leads to your brand and move them along the marketing funnel. Especially since 80 percent of LinkedIn members drive business decisions.

1. Optimize your LinkedIn company page for SEO 

 As with our first recommendation for your personal LinkedIn profile, optimizing your LinkedIn company page for SEO is equally as important. For company pages, you should list your brand’s specialties in the “Specialties” part of “About Us” section. Think of your specialties as keywords for the services your organization provides its consumers. These keywords should also be included in your company’s “About Us” information.

 If you’re in the automotive industry, these keywords can be:

  • Automotive
  • Vehicles
  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Manufacturing
  • Mobility
  • Research and Development
  • Engineering
  • Transportation

Similarly, for the healthcare industry, your keywords can be:

  • Healthcare
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Pharmacy Technology
  • Medical Supplies
  • Healthcare IT

 2. Activate LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Forms

 Have you ever run a lead generation campaign that fell short of its expectations because not enough of your landing page visitors were signing up to download your piece of gated content? Whether your landing page isn’t optimized for your audience or your lead gen form is asking too many personal questions, something is causing poor conversions on your lead gen form. Good news is that LinkedIn’s lead generation campaigns utilize forms that automatically pull a LinkedIn member’s profile information they have shared on their LinkedIn profiles and the form is conducive to the platform. Additionally, LinkedIn provides high quality metrics to determine the ROI of your campaign — cost-per-lead, lead form fill rate, number of leads per audience segment.

 3. Sponsor your top performing leadership content

LinkedIn provides several advertising options on its platform for companies to expand the reach of their content. For connecting and engaging with leads, the best advertising options are Sponsored Content and Sponsored InMail. If you’re looking to promote a piece of high quality media coverage or a thought leadership piece of content to leads in the beginning phases of the marketing funnel, we recommend utilizing the sponsored content advertising option. LinkedIn’s targeting capabilities allow you to identify the specific job functions, seniority level, companies and regions you want to target with you promoted piece of content. Sponsored InMail is a great advertising option if you’re trying to reach an identified set of new business leads. This type of advertising allows you to customize a personal message to your leads and have it land in their LinkedIn inbox.

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