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Trendspotting is key to effective marketing. If you want your efforts to land on open ears and eyes, they need to resonate and seem familiar. The 2020 Marketer will not only recognize trends within their focused vertical, but also loop in the larger trends that affect the world. As you consider campaigns ideas, keep in mind the larger picture. The best campaign can be ruined if not created in the context of the larger political and economic climate. Many businesses are learning that firsthand as President-elect Trump prepares to take office and stock prices can rise or fall based on 140 characters.

Prediction Snapshot:

Megatrends will continue to make meganews. Urbanization, environmental protection, immigration issues, smart mobility, STEM, the Millennials phenomenon and the power of women will continue to impact marketing globally. Watch for another budding trend: actions related to national security in the United States in light of increased terrorism and cyber threats.

Recommendation for the 2020 Marketer: The year 2020 will conclude the next presidential term and initiate the term to follow. Shifts in taxes, military spending, social services, healthcare and environmental regulations are sure to be substantial. Marketers should sharpen their public affairs skills and begin developing points of view on these issues for their clients.

Keeping an eye out for hot topics and possible conflicts will save you from last minute changes sure to weaken the quality of any meticulously planned campaign. Good campaigns aren’t created in a vacuum so considering current events and the mood of your target market will increase the success of any effort. The last reason you want your efforts to be publicized is because they are perceived to be insensitive or as an unintended political commentary. Keeping a keen eye on current and future trends, especially those outside our normal focus, can keep your business in the spotlight for the right reasons.

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